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Re: [git 17e68b85] make error in documentation

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: [git 17e68b85] make error in documentation
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2009 18:08:35 +0200 (CEST)

>> It seems that (a) either `convert' or the file has some problems
>> (but inkscape loads it without problems) and (b) that it has been
>> forgotten to add a PNG version of this file.
> As for (b), I wanted to add png versions:
> but I've been told off in the past for adding files that could be
> added automatically.

Basically, I agree, but the case of SVG is quite problematic since it
relies on external fonts at certain locations.  In particular,

  (a) needs external Emmentaler and feta-alphabet fonts.  AFAIK,
      calling `convert' as-is doesn't assure that FontConfig finds the
      *current* Emmentaler versions.

  (b) accesses the glyphs not by name but by indices (this is bug in
      the SVG file).  Using current versions of the Emmentaler fonts
      this fails: You no longer get proper note head glyphs but
      microtonal accidentals instead since the indices have changed.
      This situation is a nightmare IMHO!

Can (b) be fixed at all?  This is, does the SVG format support glyph
access by name?  Sinve SVG fonts themselves have glyph names I suspect
it can be fixed...

Additionally, it seems that some `convert' versions are buggy.  Look,
for example, at the attached image, created with version 6.4.3.  For
testing, I've manually issued the current Makefile rule

  convert -depth 8 \
          -alpha Off \
          -background white \
          -layers flatten \
          -trim \
          text-input-1-annotate.svg \

(omitting the problematic `+repage' option as mentioned in another
mail).  As can be seen, the green and red rectangles no longer cover
the letters exactly since there is missing indentation.  Calling
`inkscape' 0.46 on my GNU/Linux box shows that the SVG file is fine.
And finally, my `convert' version fails to convert annotated-demo.svg,
complaining with

  convert: Must specify image size `/tmp/magick-XXOonuvL'.
  convert: missing an image filename `annotated-demo.png'.

>> [Shouldn't the SVG->PNG Makefile rule be disabled, and perhaps
>> moving the SVG images to a separate directory?  Or do you `touch'
>> the PNG files in advance to avoid execution of the rule in case
>> there are file creation time issues during checking out a git
>> repository?]
> I don't understand what you mean by touching the files in advance,
> which isn't surprising since I've never tried to learn make or our
> makefile process.

With `touching' file `foo.png' I mean to call

  touch foo.png

or something similar so that `foo.png' gets a recent timestamp.  This
assures that `make' doesn't try to rebuild `foo.png' from `foo.svg'
due to incorrect timestamps.

> When I do a "make doc-clean" in Documentation/pictures/, followed by
> a "make doc", my version of imagemagick (6.3.7, from a standard
> debian/stable install) creates png images.

Have you verified that the images are fine?

> Patrick is IIRC using 6.5.1, so I figured that there wouldn't be
> problems using convert.

We either have to exclude some versions like 6.4.3, or to set the
minimum version to 6.5.1.


PNG image

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