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could/should remove config.hh ?

From: Graham Percival
Subject: could/should remove config.hh ?
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2009 23:56:46 +0100
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Symptom: I compile lilypond on master.  I switch to web-gop, do
some stuff, then switch back to master.  There's no makefile.  No
problem; I run ./  That appears to finish correctly,
but when I try "make", I get:

address@hidden:~/src/lilypond$ nice make

 *** /home/gperciva/src/lilypond/config.hh is out of date
 *** Remove it and rerun autogen:
         rm /home/gperciva/src/lilypond/config.hh; ./

make: *** [/home/gperciva/src/lilypond/config.hh] Error 1

Now, it's no problem to remove it and re-run autogen... but
couldn't automatically remove config.hh ?  I'm not
asking because I'm too lazy to remove it myself; rather, this
looks like the same error message I've seen recently with GUB, so
I'm hoping that if we fix it here, it'll also get fixed in GUB.

- Graham

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