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Re: [git 17e68b85] make error in documentation

From: Patrick McCarty
Subject: Re: [git 17e68b85] make error in documentation
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2009 13:02:11 -0700

On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 7:12 AM, Werner LEMBERG<address@hidden> wrote:
>> Additionally, it seems that some `convert' versions are buggy.
>> Look, for example, at the attached image, created with version
>> 6.4.3.  For testing, I've manually issued the current Makefile rule
>>   convert -depth 8 \
>>           -alpha Off \
>>           -background white \
>>           -layers flatten \
>>           -trim \
>>           text-input-1-annotate.svg \
>>           text-input-1-annotate.png
>> (omitting the problematic `+repage' option as mentioned in another
>> mail).  As can be seen, the green and red rectangles no longer cover
>> the letters exactly since there is missing indentation.
> I've just upgraded to convert 6.5.4: Now `+repage' is recognized, but
> the result is even worse!  No fonts have been changed; calling the
> above creates the attached image, which uses horrible fonts, and the
> offset is still wrong.  Sigh.
> Anyone else who gets this?

No, my output is fine (convert  It's possible that your
imagemagick is not compiled with rsvg support.  You can check this

  $ convert identify -list format | grep SVG

But we can't rely on that.  As great as imagemagick is, its native
SVG->PNG conversion capabilities are horrible.  Even when it uses the
rsvg backend, the PNG output is not optimal, and I had to add all of
those command line switches to improve the output.

I really wish we could convert the SVG text to paths, but apparently
there are plans to *translate* the examples, so we would need the text
data from the SVG files.


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