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Re: [PATCH] Extended documentation on Turkish classical music and makam

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Extended documentation on Turkish classical music and makam
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2009 06:16:14 -0600

On 9/1/09 1:49 PM, "Joseph Wakeling" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Attached is a patch to extend the NR documentation on Turkish classical
> music as defined in the file

Thanks for working on this.

> This patch adds a section on 'Non-Western note names and accidentals' to
> the Pitches section of NR, using makam as an example.  It also adds a
> section on Turkish classical music to the World Music section.
> It's complete inasmuch as it is self-contained, but ideally the latter
> would include a wider range of info on Turkish music including aspects
> such as key signatures, extended examples of makamlar and the rhythmic
> patterns (usul) used in Turkish music.
> I don't have the expertise to write on these aspects (yet) but I think
> the present patch at least expands on and clarifies the existing
> documentation.

Trevor Daniels is the current docmeister, so I'll let him review the patch
and decide if it's commit-ready.

> It seems to compile OK (as in, 'make all' runs without errors) but I
> couldn't work out how to get the documentation to build into HTML or PDF
> files, so couldn't check it as well as I'd like. :-(

make doc

is the command to build the documentation in html and pdf.



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