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Re: kainhofer docs not updating

From: Joseph Wakeling
Subject: Re: kainhofer docs not updating
Date: Sun, 06 Sep 2009 09:30:06 +0200
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Reinhold Kainhofer wrote:
> It might help to look into said log file... Usually, the error messages 
> towards 
> the end will tell you something about the problem.

I'm not sure how to interpret what's there -- presumably that only a
subset of the intended output has been written to collated-files.pdf?

Here is how much of TeX's memory you used:
 6302 strings out of 97159
 125400 string characters out of 1208396
 50553 words of memory out of 1500000
 2774 multiletter control sequences out of 10000+50000
 32127 words of font info for 112 fonts, out of 1200000 for 2000
 51 hyphenation exceptions out of 8191
 15i,5n,17p,584b,478s stack positions out of 5000i,500n,6000p,200000b,5000s
Output written on collated-files.pdf (40 pages, 168642 bytes).
PDF statistics:
 211 PDF objects out of 1000 (max. 8388607)
 41 named destinations out of 1000 (max. 131072)
 13 words of extra memory for PDF output out of 10000 (max. 10000000)

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