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Re: defining make vars

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: defining make vars
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 2009 09:36:22 +0200

Op dinsdag 08-09-2009 om 02:42 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Reinhold 

> Am Dienstag, 8. September 2009 01:19:11 schrieb Graham Percival:
> > I can't figure out which piece of the build system does it.

> TOPLEVEL_VERSION is an (auto)make variable, defined in aclocal.m4:
>     . $srcdir/VERSION

Guys!  What happened to grep?

And common sense...?  this would mean that

  * it's hardcoded until you run configure -- you know that's not so
  * it gets defined in config.make (as every configure
    variable is) -- it is not
  * Han-Wen and I chose to duplicate (cache in a file, if you like) this
    information.  file caching/duplication is so evil (imnsho) that is
    was one of the reasons for dismissing automake.

Esp. the last point is critical: we hardly ever reverted to duplicating
information, even if that meant spending way too much time making
our own build system, and making it way too complex; even so complex
it would be unusable by anyone but ourselves.  You knew that!

So...have a look at make/toplevel.make

> I'm tempted to just dump the raw numbers into
>   stepmake/stepmake/texinfo-rules.make

Good idea.  This will make everything easier.

Our python build scripts even have hardcoded file and directory
names -- names that even do not appear in any of the makefiles,
because there they are wildcard-based :-(


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