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Re: kainhofer docs not updating

From: Joseph Wakeling
Subject: Re: kainhofer docs not updating
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 2009 12:30:04 +0200
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John Mandereau wrote:
> Le dimanche 06 septembre 2009 à 09:30 +0200, Joseph Wakeling a écrit :
>> I'm not sure how to interpret what's there -- presumably that only a
>> subset of the intended output has been written to collated-files.pdf?
> As Graham pointed out, you didn't paste the relevant part of the log,
> but the error might not be caused by a specific Git revision of LilyPond
> sources, but something missing in your TeX installation, as the
> regression is probably the first PDF document that is compiled using TeX
> during the docs build process.

I don't know exactly what the issue was but it was surely a build
dependency.  I thought I'd already installed everything but aptitude
build-dep lilypond added several packages.

The build still falls over but now at a later stage.  The error message:

[century_schoolbook_l_serif_3.0673828125]Segmentation fault (core
command failed: /home/myusername/code/lily/out/bin/lilypond -I ./ -I
./out-www -I ../../input -I /home/myusername/code/lily/Documentation -I
/home/myusername/code/lily/Documentation/snippets -I
../../input/regression/ -I ../../input/manual/ -I ../../input/tutorial/
-I /home/myusername/code/lily/mf/out/ -I
/home/myusername/code/lily/mf/out/ -I
/home/myusername/code/lily/input/manual -I
/home/myusername/code/lily/Documentation/pictures -I
-dbackend=eps --formats=ps,png,pdf  -dinclude-eps-fonts -dgs-load-fonts
--header=doctitle --header=doctitlefr --header=doctitlees
--header=doctitlede --header=doctitlenl --header=doctitleja
--header=texidoc --header=texidocfr --header=texidoces
--header=texidocde --header=texidocnl --header=texidocja
-dcheck-internal-types -ddump-signatures -danti-alias-factor=2 -I
"/home/myusername/code/lily/out/lybook-db"  -I
"/home/myusername/code/lily/input/regression"  -I
"/home/myusername/code/lily/input/regression"  -I
"/home/myusername/code/lily/input/regression/out-www"  -I
"/home/myusername/code/lily/input"  -I
"/home/myusername/code/lily/Documentation"  -I
"/home/myusername/code/lily/Documentation/snippets"  -I
"/home/myusername/code/lily/input/regression"  -I
"/home/myusername/code/lily/input/manual"  -I
"/home/myusername/code/lily/input/tutorial"  -I
"/home/myusername/code/lily/mf/out"  -I
"/home/myusername/code/lily/mf/out"  -I
"/home/myusername/code/lily/input/manual"  -I
"/home/myusername/code/lily/Documentation/pictures"  -I
--formats=eps  --verbose  -deps-box-padding=3.000000  -dread-file-list
Child returned 139
make[3]: *** [out-www/collated-files.texi] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory `/home/myusername/code/lily/input/regression'
make[2]: *** [WWW-1] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/myusername/code/lily/input'
make[1]: *** [WWW-1] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/myusername/code/lily'
make: *** [doc-stage-1] Error 2

... which suggests to me that Lilypond is failing to find the Century
Schoolbook fonts.  They are however installed on my system:

/usr$ find . -name "c059*pfb"

Any suggestions?

I note that texi2html is only 1.78 on my system (it's the version native
to Ubuntu Karmic).  Is this going to be a blocker?

Thanks & best wishes,

    -- Joe

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