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[PATCH] Licensing notices for NR and LM

From: Joseph Wakeling
Subject: [PATCH] Licensing notices for NR and LM
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2009 16:32:16 +0200
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These patches add licensing notices (GFDL1.1+) but _not_ copyright
notices to individual files making up the Notation Reference and
Learning Manual.  There's also another dual-licensing my section on
contemporary music (my sole copyright) with GPL2+.

I think this is a fairly uncontroversial addition (it's just stating in
each file what's already true) so I'm submitting these patches now
rather than later.  Currently going through git logs to track down
authors of other documentation sections (docs are looking more difficult
than code as content has been shifted around and tweaked a fair bit more
than a lot of code files).

Question -- in _code_ (not docs) are there preferences/constraints
regarding the use of (c), (C) or © as copyright symbol (bearing in mind
files are in UTF-8 format)?

Best wishes,

    -- Joe

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