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Re: About the new "Gigsaw".

From: Philippe Hezaine
Subject: Re: About the new "Gigsaw".
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2009 14:21:31 +0200
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Philippe Hezaine a écrit :
it works perfectly at home.

P.S. I run gvim on Gentoo.

OK. Then I go ahead. Do I?

All the best.

Oh... Yes. I get rid of the GPL. I build my own firm. And Ciao!
No. I'll prefer to see a lighter version on OLPC (One Laptop per Child)
if it could be possible. I have to add that once the install step is
over a ten year-old child can use it. You pick some bars in the BASES,
you run a process and voilà.
Really sorry to drool you at the sight of the new Gigsaw. (smiley)

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