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release plans

From: Graham Percival
Subject: release plans
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 06:56:28 +0100
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Some time later today (knock on wood) I'll make the official
2.13.4 release.  This will happen whenever I manage to solve or
bludgeon all the issues involved in building GUB on my university
machine.  As such,
- I'm not going to check the regtests
- I'm not going to announce it on info-lilypond or the website.
- I'm not going to care about things like test output that's twice
  the size that it should be, or that I need to do
    rm -rf target/*/*/lilypond*    in order to rebuild it

Some time next week (knock on wood again), I'll make a 2.13.5
release.  The major new thing there will be creating the regtest
comparison between .4 and .5, and this time I *will* check the
output.  (not that much will have changed)

I haven't lost all those other issues[1], but I really need to
stop abusing my supervisor's trust -- he very graciously said that
I could work on lilypond releases before other things, but I don't
think he realized this would take a whole week.  Granted, I've
been doing other things (like setting up a bank account; more
complicated in the UK than in some other places!).  But I still
need to spend *far* less time on lilypond, particularly during
university hours.

I'll still be available for testing stuff, but it'll be on the
level of "git pull -r; make lilypond; forget about it".

[1]  I guess I should add them to the tracker, though.

Tomorrow, I'll wade into the copyright debate, and prepare
materials for GLISS.  Once the copyright stuff is over, I'll start
GLISS (that's the Grand Lilypond Input Syntax Standardization).
If 2.13.5 goes smoothly, then I'll try making a 2.12 release on
the 28th.

- Graham

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