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releases situation

From: Graham Percival
Subject: releases situation
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 18:26:32 +0100
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Ok, no release today, at most 2 hours of work on Monday, and an
unknown (but fairly small) amount of time after that.

* could people please avoid pushing stuff to master on Tuesday,
* from 8am UK time to 5pm UK time?  that would help reduce the
* amount of needless compiling I need to do,
*   yes, it would be nice if the build system didn't have
*   this problem, but it does, so let's make the best of the
*   situation.  This won't be a long-term thing; just until
*   2.13.4 is out.

Here's the current problems:
1)  trying to rebuild lilypond (say, linux-x86::lilypond) after a
successful build fails with "config.hh out of date; remove and
rerun".  First reported here:

This is quite annoying, since the most reliable way to avoid it is
by completely wiping out all lilypond builds.  I didn't mind this
earlier in the week, when I rarely reached the point of building
lilypond, but now that I'm working on later stages, this is quite
bad.  (it adds about 90 minutes to any debug attempts)

2)  lilypond-doc  doesn't use multiple CPUs.  I was pleasantly
surprised to find that the general compiling commands (for both
lilypond and non-lilypond) used -j4, but the "make doc" doesn't
appear to do this.  I spent a few minutes looking for the reason
without success; this will be the first thing I attempt on Monday.
(if nobody else does it first)

3)  lilypond-doc dies with "can't find double-lily3-someting for
pdf".  This surprised me, since I haven't seen problems with "make
doc" for a while... the file in question is a png.  Hmm, maybe the
texinfo is too old?  I don't know which version first allowed pngs
in pdf.  Or maybe the texlive installation requires some extra
packages or whatnot?

Anybody know how texinfo+texlive+pngs live together?

- Graham

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