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Re: GUB-OSX 2.13.4

From: Dan Eble
Subject: Re: GUB-OSX 2.13.4
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2009 01:35:07 -0400

I got this:

    error: unsupported font format: /Library/Fonts/Optima.ttc

and it went away after I removed this line from my file:

#(define fonts (make-pango-font-tree "Century Schoolbook L" "Optima" "Mono" 1))

But this works with 2.12.2. Is that expected?


On 2009-09-16, at 09:15 , Graham Percival wrote:

An initial version of 2.13.4, OSX-x86 version, is available at:

It's completely untested, and it isn't the real 2.13.4 release,
but it would be awesome if somebody could test it, so anybody
needed it for doc building can continue and stuff.

I hope to get a mingw version later today, although it will
probably be tomorrow.  After that, I'll tackle the generic build
stuff again.

Many thanks to Jan for getting this far!

- Graham

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