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Licensing dependencies

From: Joseph Wakeling
Subject: Licensing dependencies
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2009 13:46:32 +0200
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Have had a look through the licenses of dependencies as listed in the
Contributor's Guide.

It looks like the problems are FreeType (GPLv2 only or GPL-incompatible
permissive license, so blocks upgrade); Guile (future versions will be
LGPLv3+, so GPLv2-only-incompatible); and potentially Pango (if it
upgrades to LGPLv3+).

None are a present, active problem but all are clear risks.

Best wishes,

    -- Joe

Running requirements:

   FreeType: FreeType license (GPL-incompatible due to advert clause)
             or GPLv2 only

   FontConfig: Permissive license, seems to be GPL-compatible (it's
               pretty much identical to the advertising-clause-free
               version of the BSD license; if there is anything wrong
               we're as buggered with GPLv2 as 3+).

   Pango: Development version downloaded from Git is LGPLv2+.

   Guile: as already discussed, 1.8.x is LGPLv2+.  Development version
          (1.9.x) is LGPLv3+.

   Python: GPL-compatible: see,

   Ghostscript: GPLv3+, but LP doesn't link to it, so it's OK.

   Dejaview: can't find any info on this, what is its provenance?

Build requirements:

   FontForge: new BSD license (i.e. GPL-compatible)

   Metafont: seems a bit weird and uncertain (TeX licenses, some GPL)
             but this is just called, not linked to, no?

   t1utils: permissive license, seems GPL-compatible

   Guile: see above

   Texinfo: GPLv3+, but we only call it, don't link (?)

   g++: GPLv3+, but we only call it

   Python: see above

   GNU Make: GPLv3+, but we only call it

   Gettext: GPLv3+, but we only call it

   Flex: new BSD license (GPL-compatible)

   Perl: Artistic License/GPLv1 (!) but seems to be OK as we only call
         it and don't link.

   GNU Bison: GPLv3+, but we only call it

Doc build requirements:

   texi2html: GPLv2+ (we only call it anyway)

   netpbm: seems horribly complicated, but we only call it

   imagemagick: own license, claims GPL compatibility (but we only call
                it in any case)

   rsync: GPLv3+, but we only call it.

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