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Re: Overview of copyright issues

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: Overview of copyright issues
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2009 20:26:34 +0100
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On Sat, Sep 19, 2009 at 09:19:35PM +0200, John Mandereau wrote:
> Le samedi 19 septembre 2009 à 18:34 +0100, Graham Percival a écrit : 
> > I'd rather not keep track of individual licenses in the source
> > tree.  Since he's stated that his work is in public domain,
> > there'd be no problems with people extracting it for any CC stuff.
> > ... err wait, are we talking about Trevor Daniels, or Trevor Baca?
> Bloody mao, we're talking about the autor of :-)

I was confused because Joseph keeps on talking about wanting to
copy "code" from the documentation, and Trevor Daniels recently
said "you know what?  you guys are nutters.  Do whatever you want
with my stuff, now shut up and do work".

... ok, he didn't say that.  But it would have been awesome if he
*had* said that.

> > HOWEVER, I'm quite willing to re-open the debate about licenses or
> > relicensing or whatever -- as long as it's done at a convenient
> > time.  Right now is not convenient.
> Sure, so right now isn't convenient either to remove and other
> so-said problematic files.

I'm fine for replacing as soon as somebody makes a
replacement.  Should take about 15 minutes, which makes this Yet
More Job Wherein We Spent Longer Talking About It Than It Would
Take To Actually Do It (tm).

... of course, has anybody actually asked Trevor Baca if he'd be
willing to put those two bars under the FDL?  If he _was_ willing,
it could save much gnashing of teeth.

As for input/, that's waiting for the new website and build
system to be read.  And _that's_ on hold while I deal with GUB
during university hours, and deal with this copyright garbage in
non-university hours.

> > where the most restrictive search pattern selects the license.
> We already stamp each snippet in Documentation/snippets "public domain",
> and state it at the beginning of Snippets document, so it shows up in
> PDF, Info and HTML.  We could protect the first page of the document
> under FDL, but would that make any sense?

Good point; I'll dump something to that effect in snippets.tely.

- Graham

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