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2.13.4 "I'm now a Glasgow student" released

From: Graham Percival
Subject: 2.13.4 "I'm now a Glasgow student" released
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 13:49:42 +0100
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Rejoice, everybody!  I've officially registered (matriculated, as
it's called here) as a PhD student at Glasgow University.
Postgraduate research students had to wait until today, so despite
having building keys, a computer, and demonstrating labs for
first-year students who don't know how to solder, I had no
official standing with the university until 20 minutes ago.

Of much more importance to you all, 2.13.4 has been accidentally
uploaded.  As previously mentioned, this wasn't a particularly
planned release; it just happened while Jan and I were bashing
away at the various scripts and testing stuff.

Of much more annoyance to some of you, the regtest comparisons are
completely borked.  Helpful suggestions would be appreciated.
I'll start looking at how these are generated on Monday.

As previously mentioned, I'm hoping to have 2.13.5 out in a week
or so.  Basically, as soon as I can generate comparisons (yes
Mats, comparisons to 2.13.3) and can write down a reliable series
of steps, I'm pushing 2.13.5 out the door.  I therefore suggest
that we don't advertize this release.

Once 2.13.5 is out, I'll do 2.12.whatever.

- Graham

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