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Re: different sizes for instrument names (Staff vs. PianoStaff)

From: Marc Hohl
Subject: Re: different sizes for instrument names (Staff vs. PianoStaff)
Date: Thu, 01 Oct 2009 08:59:56 +0200
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Mats Bengtsson schrieb:
The simple explanation is that the fontSize property is handled by the Font_size_engraver, which by default lives in the Staff context. Since the PianoStaff instrument names are typeset at the PianoStaff level, it means that the value of fontSize isn't used, then.
One solution is to add the engraver also at the PianoStaff level:
   \consists "Font_size_engraver"
Ah, I understand. Thanks for this clarification!

As far as I can see, this does not influence how the fontSize property is handled at the Staff level, so there should be no negative side-effects.
Wouldn't it make sense to include the Font_size_engraver by default into the PianoStaff context?

An alternative, is to explicitly set the font size for the instrument names: \new PianoStaff \with { \override InstrumentName #'font-size = #(magnification->font-size 2/3) ... }

I found yet another solution via \markup:
\new PianoStaff \with { instrumentName = \markup { \font-size #(magnification->font-size 2/3) ... } }




Marc Hohl wrote:

while working with lilypond I discovered that changes of the font size are
treated differently between Staff and PianoStaff.

Consider the following snippet:

\version "2.13.4"

stuff = \relative c {
 c4 d e f
 g a b c

\score {
\new Staff = "Staff" \with { \override StaffSymbol #'staff-space = #2/3 fontSize = #(magnification->font-size 2/3)
                                instrumentName = #"Staff" }
   { \clef "treble"  \stuff }
\new PianoStaff = "PianoStaff" \with { \override StaffSymbol #'staff-space = #2/3 fontSize = #(magnification->font-size 2/3) instrumentName = #"PianoStaff" }
     \new Voice = "RH" { \clef "treble" \stuff }
     \new Voice = "LH" { \clef "bass" \stuff }

The "Staff" is scaled properly, whereas "PianoStaff" is not. I didn't find anything in the bug tracker,
but this seemed to be not the desired behavior.


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