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Re: [PATCH] Fix #69: RehearsalMark end-of-score visibility

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Fix #69: RehearsalMark end-of-score visibility
Date: Fri, 02 Oct 2009 11:53:01 +0200
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Nice! However, this will only solve a few of the special situations where you need to override the break-visibility of RehearsalMarks. How about separating the syntax and grobs used for typesetting rehearsal marks from used to attach other information to a bar line. Using \mark to add fermatas or "Fine" or whatever to a bar line, feels more and more like an ugly cludge, since it's very often you have to override both break-visibility and other properties (and struggle to revert them or use \once to avoid that these settings affect the true rehearsal marks).
Then, it would perhaps even be possible to add support for situations like
- Fermatas both above and below the system
- Different marks at the end of a line and at the beginning of the next line

I shouldn't really say these things since I don't have the time to contribute to the implementation myself, but perhaps someone is tempted to give it a try.


Neil Puttock wrote:
Hi there,

Here's a patch which ensures that a RehearsalMark at the end of a
score will be visible without having to set 'break-visibility

Please review.


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