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Re: python-2.4.3 cross-compiling

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: python-2.4.3 cross-compiling
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 2009 11:26:59 +0200

Op donderdag 08-10-2009 om 00:21 uur [tijdzone -0700], schreef NGUYEN

[CC: lilypond-devel]

Any Fedora gurus here using GUB?

Hi Nguyen,

> Thank you for your hints
> I tried to use gub on fedora-9 but I encountered error

Ouch.  We have a couple (two or three) Fedora-specific
workarounds in place already.  It seems another problem
has crept-in.  It would be nice to have a Fedora user
look into these workarounds and get them fixed.

> building package: linux-ppc::cross/binutils
>  *** Stage: untar (cross/binutils, linux-ppc)
>  *** Stage: patch (cross/binutils, linux-ppc)
>  *** Stage: autoupdate (cross/binutils, linux-ppc)
>  *** Stage: configure (cross/binutils, linux-ppc)
>  *** Stage: compile (cross/binutils, linux-ppc)
> Command barfed:
cd /home/tannv/gub/target/linux-ppc/build/cross/binutils-2.19.1 && make
-j2 MULTIOSDIR=../../lib 

> *** Failed target: linux-ppc::cross/binutils
> Could you tell me what the problem is?

Possibly...have a look at target/linux-ppc/log/cross/binutils.log,
the error should be there.
> By the way, I'm trying to cross-build a ppc distribution for
> CentOS5 so I think patches to make python-2.4.3 cross-compile is
> enough. I know that on the patches is existing
> but I can't access into the site. Could you show me the way to
> access or get the patches?

Have a look at gub/specs/ -- it lists the patches that
we use, which are available in GUB's patches/ directory.

However, you need some extra trickery to get it built--which is
already in place in GUB -- and I would also very much like GUB
to work on Fedora too.  It seems people keep using that for
some reason ;-)


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