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Re: Dutch translation lilypond-2.13.5

From: Ian Hulin
Subject: Re: Dutch translation lilypond-2.13.5
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 2009 10:31:44 +0100
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Hi Martin, Jan, Han-Wen,
Does this message about etf format feel like it's been translated by a machine to native Dutch speakers?

msgid ""
"Enigma Transport Format is a format used by Coda Music Technology's\n"
"Finale product. etf2ly converts a subset of ETF to a ready-to-use LilyPond file."
msgstr ""
"Enigma Transport Format is een format dat wordt gebruikt door Coda\n"
"Music Technology's Finale produkt.  Dit programma converteert een\n"
"subset van ETF naar een gebruiksklaar lilypondbestand."

is this more reasonable?

msgstr ""
"Enigma Transport Format is een format dat wordt gebruikt door de\n"
" Finale produkt van Coda Music Technology.\n"
" Dit programma converteert een subset van ETF naar\n"
" een gebruiksklaar lilypondbestand."


Martin Tarenskeen wrote:

I have checked again the dutch nl.po translation file from Lilypond-2.13.5 with gtranslator, and tried to fix quite some typo's. I have attached my current version and hope it will reach the devel mailinglist and the persons who can check the translation and bring the changes to the git.

My previous attempts to post my corrections failed for various reasons.


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