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Re: Dynamics context spacing issues

From: Neil Puttock
Subject: Re: Dynamics context spacing issues
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 00:26:52 +0100

2009/10/12 Joe Neeman <address@hidden>:

> Thanks for testing. Do you have an example to show the problem? It was
> certainly my intention to have Dynamics work with alignment-distances.

Sure, try this:

upper = \relative c'' {
  \clef treble
  a4 b c d
lower = \relative c {
  \clef bass
  a2 c
dynamics = {
  s2\fff\> s4 s\!\pp
\score {
  \new PianoStaff = "PianoStaff_pf" <<
    \new Staff = "Staff_pfUpper" \upper
    \new Dynamics = "Dynamics_pf" \dynamics
    \new Staff = "Staff_pfLower" \lower
  \layout {
    \context {
      \override NonMusicalPaperColumn #'line-break-system-details =
        #'((alignment-distances . (20)))

> I'm not sure exactly what you mean here. Are you suggesting that a
> staff-affinity = #CENTER line uses non-affinity-spacing instead of
> inter-staff-spacing for both of the staves around it?

Yes, since I thought setting padding would add the same amount of
space above and below the dynamics line.

> I don't see why
> that would make things more automated; both non-affinity-spacing and
> inter-staff-spacing give the same information and use the same
> mechanism, they just apply in different situations. But it would be easy
> enough to change...

No, you're right; having tested it on real music (rather than just the
template, where it works for any size of #'non-affinity-spacing
#'padding), it's no good. :)


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