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Re: LilyPond web service

From: Abel Cheung
Subject: Re: LilyPond web service
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 13:22:29 +0800

2009/10/13 Valentin Villenave <address@hidden>:
> The only LilyPond server at this point is the LilyPond Snippet
> Repository at Milano University. But it tends to go down as soon as
> several people use it at the same time :-)
> A few other servers were installed, particularly for LilyPond web
> plugins such as the Wordpress, the MediaWiki or the Spip plugins. I
> also began installing LilyPond on a dedicated server for the LilyNet
> website, but it's not nearly powerful enough. LilyPond requires a
> *lot* of resources.

Yes, basically this is a sore point to use LilyPond as web service.
Even for powerful machines, having 10 persons or so using it is
effectively a DoS on the machine. Not to mention one can create
snippets requiring HOURS to render (say, lyrics with Asian
characters). So it is very critical to restrict number of users, as
well as the content to be rendered.

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