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Re: [frogs] [PATCH] : Supply missing documentation strings in music-fun

From: Neil Puttock
Subject: Re: [frogs] [PATCH] : Supply missing documentation strings in
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2009 14:51:18 +0000

2009/10/23 Ian Hulin <address@hidden>:

> Cor, blimey, guv'nor, you've got me banged to rights (serves me right for
> trying to tidy up my git repository).

Heh, sometimes it's easier to delet the whole thing and start from scratch. :)

> Have run the code through the Frescobaldi indent tool.

Ooh, I wouldn't do that.  As much as I like using Frescobaldi, it's
not much use for indenting Scheme (yet).

> Now is it OK to push?

Not yet.

+              (string=? (ly:music-property mus 'quoted-context-id "") "cue"))

You've removed a hard tab, but now the indentation's out by a space.

+(_i "Take the music in @var{part1} and @var{part2} and typeset so
that they share a staff.")
+    (make-part-combine-music parser
                                         (list part1 part2)))

indentation (all three lines)

+(_i "Print a trill with @var{main-note} as the main note of the trill and
+print @var{secondary-note} as stemless note head in parentheses")

remove trailing space, indent, docstring in wrong position (must go
after predicate list, otherwise breaks compilation)

+(_i "Indicate a section of music to be quoted.  @var{what} indicates the name
+of the quoted voice, as specified in a @code{\\addQuote} command.
address@hidden is used to indicate the length of music to be quoted;
+usually contains spacers or multi-measure rests.")

remove trailing spaces, indent, docstring in wrong position

+ @code{\\repeat percent} commands in @var{music} to be interpreted
+ as @code{\\repeat unfold}.")

remove spaces from beginning of lines

+(_i "Set up a custom style of dash pattern for @var{dash-fraction} ratio of


+ line to space repeated at @var{dash-period} interval.")

remove space

+(_i "Enable generation of code in final-format (e.g. pdf) files to
reference the


+ originating lilypond source statement;
+ this is helpful when developing a score but generates bigger
final-format files.")

remove spaces

+(_i "Suppress generating extra code in final-format (e.g. pdf)  files to point

indent, trailing space

+ back to the lilypond source statement.")

remove space

I've fixed all these issues in the attached patch, which you can use
for rebasing if you wish.


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