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Re: [frogs] [PATCH]: Tracker 836 - Allow output filename and output-suff

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: [frogs] [PATCH]: Tracker 836 - Allow output filename and output-suffix to be specified for a \book block
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2009 12:11:55 -0600

On 10/23/09 5:52 PM, "Ian Hulin" <address@hidden> wrote:

> - Add new parser variables book-output-suffix and book-filename
> initialized as #f and empty queue/stack structure.
> adds three new functions
> * \bookOutputSuffix - to set the output suffix for the \book block
> * \bookOutputName - to set output filename for the current \book block
> * \bookOuptutNameRevert - to restore the the output filename to the value
> prior to that of the last \bookOuputName call.

I think these functions should be named


> \bookOutputName and \bookOuptutNameRevert use the book-filename as a stack
> structure.  I have used this so we can we could eventually allow users to do
> stuff like the following (controlling the names used to open the midi files is
> not part of the current patch).
> \book {
>     \bookOutputName "My-Homeland"
>     \score {
>        \bookOutputName "Vysehrad"
>           music-declarations ...
>           \midi{
>           % midi file gets written to Vysehrad.mid(i)
>           }
>           \layout{
>           }
>        \bookOutputNameRevert
>     }
>     \score {
>         \bookOuputName "Vltava"
>         ...
>         \midi {
>         % midi file is written to Vltava.mid(i)
>         }
>     }
> .
> .

This code doesn't demonstrate the need for \bookOutputNameRevert; the same
thing would happen if the \bookOutputNameRevert were omitted, as far as I
can tell.

> lily-library.scm has changes to the filename generating code in
> print-book-with to pick up the current values of the new parser variables if
> set before using the current output-suffix or result of a call to
> ly:parser-output-name.
> The routine to get the name now uses as combination of the current output name
> and output suffix value to at as a key for the internal a-list of filenames
> being written to during a compilation.
> lily-guile.hh, and parser.yy have code that I would like to use
> to re-initialize book-output-suffix and book-filename to initial values on
> encountering the end of a \book block, but  I've hit a dead-end currently in
> this  as the code I tried to use in parser.yy negates the effect of calling
> the new functions altogether.  If anyone with more experience of how bison
> works has any better ideas as to how do this I'd be interested in hearing
> them.

It would seem to me (this is a relatively poorly informed opinion) that
setting them to the initial values at the *start* of a book block would be a
more sane way to do it that to reset them at the end of a book block.  Or is
there something I'm missing?



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