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CGI interface to lilypond

From: Ichiro Watanabe
Subject: CGI interface to lilypond
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 06:40:54 +0900

Hi there,

I am new to lilypond.
I am wondering if there exists an interface like mathtex, for lilypond.
For those who don't know mathtex, it's a way of embedding rendered TeX
images directly and easily in an HTML page (and therefore in wikis, in
blogs etc), through a relatively simple CGI service.
So, in your web page, you can just type your formula like this


and voila, the image is rendered and embedded. (You would of course
prefer to build the service locally and use that, instead of using a
publicly available service, but that's the idea.)
I think it's quite clever and neat. You can read the whole story here

My understanding is that it should not be difficult to implement
something like this for lilypond. Perhaps through lilypond-book and
latex, or maybe just via lilypond directly.
I am keen to develop this (or at least give it a try), but first I
would like to make sure that I wouldn't be reinventing the wheel.
Any other input from you guys would also be welcome, of course.

Thank you, and anyway thanks for this superlative tool.

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