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[PATCH] Re: serious doubts about waf

From: John Mandereau
Subject: [PATCH] Re: serious doubts about waf
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 00:21:47 +0100

Le mardi 10 novembre 2009 à 23:34 +0000, Graham Percival a écrit :
> The basic problem is that waf doesn't like to have directories in the
> build tree that aren't present in the source tree.  After asking for
> help, the main author pointed out a not-really-documented function
> that allowed me to create an extra directory:
> However, this special function doesn't seem to work instantaneously...
> or else I'm doing something really weird in
> Documentation/wscript_build

After hours of debugging and code inspection, I think you did nothing
weird, it's a bug in Waf code:, which looks up
directories, call bld.rescan() which among others removes nodes of
directories that haven't been yet created, like our call to

Does the attached patch convince you to go on on Waf? I'm not going to
do more Waf advocacy that I already did, because you may rightly accuse
me of fluffing around :-)

I'm following this up on waf-users too...

> In the discussion (shown in the above link), it turns out that the waf
> API is going to change in version 1.6.  This new version is only in
> the planning stages; no code exists for it... but I'm really starting
> to question if we really want to use waf.  I have to admit that I was
> really shaken by the directory thing.  I assumed that since it was
> python, I could do anything that python could do -- so making
> directories, moves files from directory to directory, etc. would be
> easy.  Apparently not.

It's not easy because custom directories and files management has to be
done in a suitable place in a build system, and as you just discovered
Waf has much less support for this that we'd naturally expect for
building docs the way we want.


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