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Re: Code formatter

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: Code formatter
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 23:41:56 +0000
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On Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 11:24:15PM +0000, Ian Hulin wrote:
> Hi Carl and list,
> Carl Sorensen wrote:
>> Do whatever emacs does.
> In which case we need to understand, note and detail "whatever emacs
> does" in the CG, so users of other editors can set their environment up
> not to get into trouble (this is the voice of bitter experience speaking
> here).

No.  That road leads to nowhere.

The answer is to install emacs, then run the one-line command (I
recommend making it a shell script) to format your code before you
make a patch.

For your real work, use whatever editor you want, with whatever
indentation you like.  When you're ready to send a patch, run your
emacs-format command and *then* make a patch.

Anything else -- other than having a *real* code formatting
program, like astyle... again, it's a 10-20 hour job; not
impossible! -- is doomed to failure.

> Carl, I'm attempting to write a Chapter for CG to outline the bare bones  
> of what new developers can get involved in (a sort of 'Intended  
> Audience' Chapter), and I'd like to be able to include answers to the  
> questions I've asked here.

I'm not certain where you're intending to go with this.  As I keep
on saying, I haven't touched a line of lilypond code in about 4-5
years, but nobody would doubt that I've been enormously useful.
There are *tons* of jobs that involve no programming.

In all seriousness, I could split my jobs amongst 5 people doing
normal open-source work hours (i.e. not like me).  And I would
probably *still* be required to do various non-programming tasks.
But if I wasn't required for those jobs any more, then I could
finally do lilypond programming.  I'd love to do that stuff!
Please, please, start taking these crap jobs off my shoulders.

Especially anybody complaining about indentation or how hard it is
to figure out how to start or blah blah blah.

- Graham

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