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Re: Doc: LM: Reformat ly code. (issue1056041)

From: Carl . D . Sorensen
Subject: Re: Doc: LM: Reformat ly code. (issue1056041)
Date: Tue, 04 May 2010 05:11:47 +0000
File Documentation/learning/common-notation.itely (right):
Documentation/learning/common-notation.itely:101: aeses1
On 2010/05/03 14:19:08, Graham Percival wrote:
On 2010/05/03 13:48:52, Carl wrote:

> Perhaps we could just change the durations in this to 4, and we
wouldn't even
> be having a discussion.

Already thought of that, but the 1 durations are so that we avoid
cancellation naturals.  And we definitely don't want to add \override
#'accidental-cancelletional = ##f  (or whatever the command is) here!

We don't have a key signature, and the notes aren't repeated , so there
aren't any cancellations in this snippet.  I just ran it to make sure.

In Notation, we had a cancellation problem with chords, which caused us
to use whole notes.  But I don't think that applies here.


Documentation/learning/common-notation.itely:253: b'2 a4 cis,\)
On 2010/05/04 04:41:46, Mark Polesky wrote:
Bar checks have not yet been introduced in the text.
I'd like to rewrite it using a single measure.  Would
you be okay with this?
   g4\( g8( a) b( c) b4\)

Absolutely, as long as it looks reasonable.

But I think we should focus on *good examples* here, not *good source
code formatting*.  So since bar checks haven't been introduced, I
withdraw all my suggestions about bar checks.
Documentation/learning/common-notation.itely:271: fis2 g)
On 2010/05/04 04:41:46, Mark Polesky wrote:
On 2010/05/03 13:48:52, Carl wrote:
> Same comment as for the previous snippet.

Okay to change it to this single measure example?
   c4~( c8 d~ d4 e)

I haven't compiled it, but I think a short example is better than a long
Documentation/learning/common-notation.itely:365: c2 c\!
On 2010/05/04 04:41:46, Mark Polesky wrote:
On 2010/05/03 13:48:52, Carl wrote:
> See my comment at line 289

Can I make them all quarter notes?

Absolutely, as far as I'm concerned.  Unless the spacing gets too
Documentation/learning/common-notation.itely:982: d4 b8 g4.
On 2010/05/04 04:41:46, Mark Polesky wrote:
On 2010/05/03 13:48:52, Carl wrote:
> Bar checks here.
> Pedagogically, it may be nice to have the notes and the
> lyrics have lines of the same length.

Bar checks have still not been explained at this point.

WRT the lyrics line lengths, I thought about it, but the
*poetic* meter gets mangled by the *musical* meter.  Maybe
this makes it easier to see the note/word correspondence,
but it just looks weird:

No, you misunderstood my request.  I don't want to change the lyrics, I
want to change the notes.  Put one lyric line's worth of notes on a
line.  And go ahead and omit the bar check.

The pedagogy here should be focused on getting lyrics to align with
notes, not on proper formatting for LilyPond files.  Let that pedagogy
trump for each of these Learning examples; add a section for style that
explains the recommended style for complex music.

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