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Re: completion disturbed by other staff (issue 1082)

From: Benkő Pál
Subject: Re: completion disturbed by other staff (issue 1082)
Date: Fri, 14 May 2010 07:26:33 +0200

hi all,

updated the patch fixing the issue and attached
an example where the previous version failed.

> the cause of the problem was note_dur being
> less than left_to_do_, as noted in the comment I added.
> the fix itself is the following part:
> -  if (nb.main_part_ && nb < note_dur.get_length ())
> +  if (nb.main_part_ && nb < left_to_do_)

the condition is reverted to the original, but do_nothing_until_
is set unconditionally.

> the remaining bit simplifies initialisation of left_to_do_
> while also puts it early enough to be used in the changed condition.
> p

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