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Re: bounties

From: Alexander Kobel
Subject: Re: bounties
Date: Wed, 19 May 2010 19:21:53 +0200
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On 2010-05-19 19:08, Graham Percival wrote:
I mean, if something
would take you 20 hours, and somebody offers $10 and a piece of
bubble gum, it's not very encouraging.  If ten people offered the
same thing, it would add up, of course.

True. And that's how we all like to see it, right? Alas, the joy of idealism...

But I've heard from some
developers that taking a bounty isn't worth the trouble of setting
up a paypal account.

Depends on your usual day business, I guess, and whether you're paid what you're worth. If not so, the 300 $ you mentioned is quite a bunch of money, too...

AFAIK (and hope), none of you guys codes in Lily for his living, but at
least there may be a free dinner sometimes to soothe the Significant
An alternative to donating it to the FSF (or whatever charity you
like) would be for the developer to offer a bounty on something
that affects *them* -- either something they want to use for their
own lilypond compositions, or something they want for their own
*development* work (like the source code indentation program or
new build system).

Of course that's entirely up to the developer of some patch. I'd be fine with either option.


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