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Re: lilypond-devel Digest, Vol 90, Issue 84

From: James Lowe
Subject: Re: lilypond-devel Digest, Vol 90, Issue 84
Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 15:13:09 +0100
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Carl Sorensen wrote:
"Simple" and "doc build" should not be used in the same sentence regarding
LilyPond, IMO.  I think that the doc build is probably the most complicated
thing that a LilyPond setup will ever do.

From my own personal perspective (assuming I have the Lilybuntu installed).

1. Download lilygit.tcl - change permissions so I can execute it.

2. Double click it and then select 'get source'

3. cd lilypond-git

4. ./ ; make ; make doc

5. Wait for a while. I have docs.

now I have build I can make patches on

1. Make a change to a file in the doc for some patch

2. cd Documentation dir

3. touch [manual_name].itexi/itely I have edited the relevant itexi file for.

4. make doc.

5 repeat 6 - 10 as needed.

While step 8 I am told is a 'bug' in our build process, it is hardly complicated (unless I am missing something but then again I know no other project as this is only one of its kind I have ever worked on).


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