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Re: Revised autobeam settings patch (issue1682049)

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: Revised autobeam settings patch (issue1682049)
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2010 19:04:35 -0600

On 8/1/10 10:33 AM, "Arno Waschk" <address@hidden> wrote:

> dear list,
> i am *completely* confused by this autobeaming thing and especially its
> documentation.
> even after reading it twice i do not have a clue how to practically use
> those things.
> it rather appears as a highly complex mixture of *either* telling me what
> instructions and value exists *or* what they might contain *or* what
> changing them might have an effect, but i am completely lost in trying to
> combine that information.
> and it seems it does not really cover my actual problem:
> in a 8/32 measure, i am always having as a 9-tuplet (filling one measure)
> 3 16th notes and one dotted 16th (in all possible orders). and i want
> always whole bar beams. which works fine unless the dotted 16th is first.
> how do i change that?

Do you want all durations of beams to be whole bar beams?  If so, simply do

\set beatStructure = #'(8)

Do you want only the tuplets to have whole bar beams, then you'll need to
set beamExceptions.  Probably something like

\set beamExceptions = #'((end . ((9 . 256) . (9))))

If you'd post code that shows what you've tried and what doesn't work, it
would be easier to help you.  And if there's a bug that is causing problems,
then it's easier to debug.

I'm sorry for your difficulties.  If you can get back with some examples,
I'll try to help (but I'm leaving tomorrow morning on my second week of



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