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Web: Bolder links in Manuals page

From: Trevor Daniels
Subject: Web: Bolder links in Manuals page
Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2010 18:54:25 +0100

Hi Graham

I've just pushed a fix for another TODO in web/manuals.itexi

@c TODO: do we want these links to be in larger text / bold ? CSS.

The fix makes the links bold, and they certainly look better, IMO,
but the fix is very messy due to the the way @spanClass has been
implemented - it generates <p> .. </p> tags if newlines appear in
certain places.  I've indicated where newlines have to be avoided
in the itexi file.

I'm not very happy with the fix, but it works and removes another
item in critical issue 958.  Sorting it out properly would take me
more time than is justified, even if I could.

I said earlier

The remaining TODOs and FIXMEs are fairly
straightforward, I think.

I should have known by now that nothing in LP is straightforward,
especially something you in particular left as a TODO ;)

One more to go in 958...


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