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release 2.14 timeline

From: Graham Percival
Subject: release 2.14 timeline
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 19:52:17 +0100

We're down to 8 Critical issues.
- 1 is a website issue that's basically finished.
- 1 is a doc issue that might already be finished (after an issue split)

That leaves 6 code issues.  3 of them have patches:
- Issue 1116:    Title not centered
- Issue 1173:    LilyPond crash when using
showFirstLength/showLastLength with \compressFullBarRests
- Issue 1198:    Display method for \time broken

1 has a new programmer actively working on it:
- Issue 1096:    ly:parser-parse-string segfaults when directly called
at toplevel
(don't steal this issue from him)

1 hasn't been touched since Feb:
- Issue 818:     Bus error when adding Instrument_name_engraver to
StaffGroup and outputting MIDI.

1 might not be a regression at all, but we need a spacing-aware
developer to look at it:
- Issue 1208:    "minor regression": Some combination of
'staff-affinity for two Lyrics may cause unwanted vertical space

Once we're down to 3 (or fewer) Critical code issues, I'll announce an
alpha version of 2.14.0 and invite normal users to try it out.  Note
that reviewing and helping fix the existing patches would satisfy this
condition.  When that happens, I expect to see another 5-15 Critical
issues from people trying it out.  Maybe less because a lot of users
are already using 2.13... but don't be surprised (or discouraged) to
see a flood of bug reports once we officially invite people to try out

Once we're down to 0 Critical issues, we'll start having release candidates.

Translators: at the moment, I'm cautiously predicting that 2.14.0 will
be 4 to 8 weeks away.  You will have at least 2 weeks (14 days) notice
before 2.14.0 -- each release candidate is such a warning.  Francisco,
you're in charge of sending this to the translator list, and/or
sending private emails to relevant people.

- Graham

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