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Half-baked unused features.

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Half-baked unused features.
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2010 14:48:26 +0200
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Hi, I'm just trying to improve the documentation of
define-markup-command and define-markup-command-list.  Those commands
have some functionality for defining aliases to existing commands.  For
one thing, I have my doubts that this works properly, for another, it
complicates implementation and documentation (it was never documented in
lilypond-extending, anyhow).

So I am leaning towards throwing it all out as I've checked that "make
test-clean && make test" is not affected.

I'm making sure that throwing this stuff out is a separate commit from
improving the documentation, so it can easily be reverted iff somebody
considers it desirable.

What is the general stance towards cleanup (of unused dormant stuff
never documented for general use) like that as long as it is contained
in separate commits and not intermingled with other changes?  Should it
be wrapped in a full review process?  Or is it ok to just do it, and
revert it on the slim chance that somebody wants to complete,
regress-test, and document the implementation at some point of time?
And if somebody wants to do that, would it not be sufficiently easy for
him to do the revert in his own repository, and commit everything once
it is ready and coherent?

David Kastrup

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