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CG 1: removing mentors, adding lilybuntu

From: Graham Percival
Subject: CG 1: removing mentors, adding lilybuntu
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 13:06:21 +0100

CG 1.3 Mentors

We've had this section for ages now, but we've only used any kind of
"mentorship" system for doc editors.  I'm withdrawing from mentorship
so that I can work on label:Maintainability issues, which I now
believe to a better way of supporting new contributors in the long

Does anybody object to my commenting out this section from the CG?
Alternately, do any developers want to offer to mentor 1-4 new
contributors?  I'm comfortable keeping this section as long as we have
at least 1 official mentor handling at least 1 contributor.

CG 1.4 Lilybuntu

I believe that we should discuss lilybuntu this early.  Most of our
new contributors over the past few months have come from OSX or
windows; I expect this trend to continue.  In addition, by discussing
the installation of lilybuntu in CG 1, we can direct lilybuntu users
to read CG 2.1 using lily-git, and CG 3 compiling, without needed a
separate set of instructions for them.

Any objections in principle do this?  I'll post a patch for this
change, so specific concerns could wait until then.  But if somebody
thinks that lilybuntu doesn't belong in CG 1, please speak up now.

- Graham

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