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Regtest comparison issues for 2.13.31

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Regtest comparison issues for 2.13.31
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 13:55:13 +0100

Some of the regtest comparisons have failed. I've reviewed these and would like comments on the following, please:


The following output is new to .31:

"Test 93 unequal: .
in = \time 2/4
out = \context Score \context Timing \applyContext #make-time-settings
Test 94 unequal: .
in = #(set-time-signature 5 8 '(3 2))
out = \context Score \context Timing \applyContext #make-time-settings"

It looks like a bug, but could a developer confirm?

=================================== and

Both logfiles have "warning: couldn't fit music on page: overflow is" and then a figure. The figure is new. Is this bug-tracing output or a bug?


Addition of: "warning: couldn't fit music on page" in logfile

Phil Holmes
Bug Squad

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