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Re: Regtest comparison issues for 2.13.31

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Re: Regtest comparison issues for 2.13.31
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2010 09:09:46 +0100

Neil Puttock" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:address@hidden
On 26 August 2010 13:55, Phil Holmes <address@hidden> wrote:
> The following output is new to .31:
> "Test 93 unequal: .
> in = \time 2/4
> out = \context Score \context Timing \applyContext #make-time-settings
> Test 94 unequal: .
> in = #(set-time-signature 5 8 '(3 2))
> out = \context Score \context Timing \applyContext #make-time-settings"
> It looks like a bug, but could a developer confirm?

This isn't a bug.  It's showing a difference between the versions
where 2.13.30 has the above (broken) output and 2.13.31 doesn't (click
on the links to each file to see the difference).  It verifies that
Carl's fix for issue 1198 actually works (the log file output for
2.13.31 is correct).

Got it.  Confirmed with Carl, too.

A log file difference doesn't always mean something's broken; on the
contrary, for many issues which don't show graphical changes, it may
mean something's working again (usually indicated by the minus sign in
front of the warning).

I was using an editor that does "diif". Obviously I got old and new confused :-( Thanks for pointing out the minus sign - hadn't spotted that. I had understood that a change isn't necessarily a bug, but thought these worth checking.

> and >
> Both logfiles have "warning: couldn't fit music on page: overflow is" > and
> then a figure. The figure is new. Is this bug-tracing output or a bug?

It's extra bug-tracing output.  Joe added it here:;a=commit;h=76c1654d8e6daceabb68d530729f87194fa49fed

Ta.  Guessed as much but checking to make sure.

> Addition of: "warning: couldn't fit music on page" in logfile

The warning is present in 2.13.30, but no longer appears in 2.13.31
(see the minus sign).

Ta again.  Just the one regression in .31 then :-)

Phil Holmes
Bug Squad

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