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Re: T1055: Avoid using deprecated %module-public-interface in guile init

From: n . puttock
Subject: Re: T1055: Avoid using deprecated %module-public-interface in guile initialisation. (issue1160044)
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2010 19:36:27 +0000

On 2010/08/28 19:16:18, Ian Hulin wrote:

Anyhow, building against V1.9.11 showed up Neil's concerns with the
in lily.scm/simple-format-handler and /ergonomic-simple-format and I
have a fix for this.  It looks like the byte-compiler in Guile V1.9.11
is stricter than the interpreter in V1.8.7.

I still don't understand why you want to add the exception handler for
`format'.  It's not required in 1.8.7 if you're only exporting the
public interface, and you haven't justified its inclusion for 1.9.

   (define ((make-music-type-predicate-aux mtypes) expr)

This curried expression won't work in 1.9 without using the

(ice-9 curried-definitions)


Patrick and Neil, do I have to fix all the compatibility problems in
the scm files loaded by lily.scm in order to push what we have so far?

No, though I'd like you to do the following before we can commit this

-) remove the exception handler

-) remove this line from

+ scm_c_export (symstr.c_str(), NULL);

-) remove this line from define-grob-properties.scm:

+(use-modules (scm clip-region))


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