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Re: T1055: Avoid using deprecated %module-public-interface in guile init

From: pnorcks
Subject: Re: T1055: Avoid using deprecated %module-public-interface in guile initialisation. (issue1160044)
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2010 01:53:30 +0000

On 2010/08/28 19:16:18, Ian Hulin wrote:

Patrick and Neil, do I have to fix all the compatibility
problems in all the scm files loaded by lily.scm in order
to push what we have so far?

No.  Some of the other compatibility problems are quite complicated and
deserve their own separate issues.

Please see my `guile' branch for hints about what needs to happen in
order for the SCM code base to successfully compile against Guile 1.9:

Keep in mind that these may not be proper "backward-compatible" fixes,
but they do work with Guile 1.9.  I do not have the time at the moment
to investigate proper fixes for these issues.


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