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Re: Git history, Savannah

From: Trevor Daniels
Subject: Re: Git history, Savannah
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2010 09:34:56 -0000

Francisco Vila wrote Tuesday, November 30, 2010 2:31 PM

Hello. As you probably know, Savannah has been down for days; now it
is almost restored but latest backups are not newer than those of
November 24th. We should look at our local repos, try to restore the
history and find out whether are there any missing commits.

 - 1a7951329 Ties: Print out a warning for unterminated ties
 - f0f0f0648b PartCombine: part-combine texts on first real note
rather than rests
 - 8e43cb8e5 PartCombine: Shuffle functions around so
unisono/solo1/solo2/chords_together/apart are together in the code; No
code changes
 - 9189a4acb Doc-fr: new language option for musixml2ly
 - 54913d988 Doc-fr: conflicting node name
- 67e7cb936 Doc-es: translate some new snippets, fix repeated typo.
 - 0960af56b76 Doc-es: markers for newly translated snippets.
- 7ba0a2264 Doc: cleanup @file{}, take 2: remove all @/ escaping sequences.
 - 95a4237d0a Merge branch 'master' into lilypond/translation
The latter is from Valentin.

I have these, plus

  - fff96cc1a9 Doc: @file entries clean-up, take3 (add line-breaks)
on the translation branch, also from Valentin.

I think you are a good candidate to push
the most recent history once passwords and all that jazz is working

Looks like Valentin is best placed to do this.


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