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Re: Regtest comparison for 2.13.41

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: Regtest comparison for 2.13.41
Date: Sat, 4 Dec 2010 11:20:30 -0700

On 12/4/10 11:16 AM, "Carl Sorensen" <address@hidden> wrote:

> On 12/4/10 10:51 AM, "Phil Holmes" <address@hidden> wrote:
>> "Phil Holmes" <address@hidden> wrote in message
>> news:address@hidden
>>> page-breaking-min-systems-per-page2.log: "warning: compressing music to
>>> fit" is added.  Presumably an intended fix for vertical spacing issues.
>> I've now created a web page with the information from my pixel-by-pixel
>> comparison, including compile times.
> If you did a pixel compare on page-breaking-min-systems-per-page2 for the
> whole image, you'd see that it's much better.  The staff that overwrites the
> tagline in the .40 image is now above the tagline in .41.  The change is
> significant, but it's an improvement, not a regression.

Oops -- I was looking at page3, not page2.

You're right -- this is not good. I'll look into it more.



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