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web translations shouldn't use @link-lang blindly

From: Graham Percival
Subject: web translations shouldn't use @link-lang blindly
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2010 14:58:08 +0000

Hi guys,

We have some macros in the web/ docs like
These are not supposed to be used without thinking about it -- they
create a link to the "es" translation of the 2.12 snippets.  If these
*is* no translation of that language in the 2.12 docs, then you get a
broken link.

Until just now, this didn't matter because a build system bug.  That
bug has been fixed, so we have a bunch of broken links.  Looking at
I see broken:
- Glosario
- Fragmentos
- Funcionamiento intero

Fixing those is only a 2-minute job; just go to es/web/manuals.html
and change those @blah-es into @blah (because there's no -es

Yes, theoretically we could automatically detect these in the build
system, but I see no chance of that happening before 2.14.  Just
change the .texi files appropriately.  (and yes, once 2.14 is out,
you'll need to change them *back*.  If you think this is sub-optimal,
then start learning how our broken build system works and start
submitting patches, and/or start pestering the waf people into fixing
their broken build system so that we can use it for lilypond, and/or
start looking into other build systems like scons)

Really, taking everything into consideration, dumping an extra 15
minutes of work onto the translation team is the best option.

* oh, NB: savannah is down at the moment, but if you want to see the
fixed build system which exposes this problem, get the patch from
issue 1363.  that's not necessary, though -- my recommendation is just
to go to, surf around in your language, and then change
any links that are broken.

- Graham

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