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Re: Add tab-tie-follow-engraver (issue2723043)

From: Marc Hohl
Subject: Re: Add tab-tie-follow-engraver (issue2723043)
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2010 11:37:00 +0100
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Am 05.12.2010 23:12, schrieb Carl Sorensen:

Perhaps the left edge of a number should be aligned to the left edge of
a note head
when the fret number is a single digit, whereas fret numbers>  9 should
be centered
according to the center of the left-aligned single digits (I don't know how
to describe this in a simpler way...).


If you get the most recent patch from Rietveld, and look at line 276 of
scm/tablatures.scm, you'll see the constant that adjusts things -- the 2/3.
Hello Carl,

I fiddled around with the value, and it seems that 3/5 is the best IMHO.
1/2 is exactly what I described, but it doesn't look right.

Would you please test this with multiple values of that constant, and come
up with a value that you like?

I think a value of 1/2 would give the behavior you described above.

I'd like your opinion on what would be a preferred value.

Once you have a good value, I think I'll modify the patch so that constant
is part of the TabNoteHead 'details, which will give the user control over

Sounds good! So anyone who feels unhappy with 3/5 could change this easily ;-)



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