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Re: LilyBuntu [don't read!]

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: LilyBuntu [don't read!]
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2010 12:28:14 +0000
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On Thu, Dec 09, 2010 at 11:39:06AM -0000, Phil Holmes wrote:
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Graham Percival"
> >I could be wrong about this, but current my understanding is that
> >you _do_ need to install lilybuntu.  Hopefully somebody who uses
> >it regularly can chime in here.
> >(if the answer is that you definitely need to install it instead
> >of just setting it as the boot cdrom, then I will clarify this in
> >the docs)
> I'd like someone who is running lilyb on VirtualBox to clarify
> whether it's installed or booted off, and if it should be installed,
> how?

Without prejudging the "install or not" question, lilybuntu itself
should give you the option to install it.

Here's an advertising-laden page on the process:

if you want to look for a different guide, just search for "ubuntu
9.04 install", or maybe "jaunty install"  (jaunty is the 'release
name' for ubuntu 9.04)

> Running wish worked and I have now got a working git and downloaded
> source files.  My 2 other *nix newbie comments would be that you can
> no longer use the terminal session that git was run from, since it's
> blocked by git, so you need to start a new one to see what's going
> on.  Also - is there an equivalent of Windows explorer that can be
> installed with lilyb?  I'm OK with command lines, but find it easier
> to navigate file systems with some sort of tree-like image.

If you open up the second top-bar-menu from the left, you should
see a list of "locations" like
clicking on any one of those will give you a file navigation tool.
You can change the display options of that to list view, tree
view, etc.

(it might be the third top-bar-menu from the left?  I can't
remember precisely, but if you click around a bit, you should be
able to find it.  It's definitely installed in the main thing)

also, to clarify: lilybuntu is ubuntu 9.04 with some extra
development software installed.  For all practical purposes, it
*is* ubuntu 9.04, so any tutorial or blog or guide about ubuntu
9.04 will apply to lilybuntu.

- Graham

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