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Re: Doc: Various to LM and NR from user email threads (issue3581041)

From: pkx166h
Subject: Re: Doc: Various to LM and NR from user email threads (issue3581041)
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2010 16:33:48 +0000

Reviewers: Trevor Daniels, Valentin Villenave,, Graham Percival,

I hope this is the right method to have a discussion on Rietveld, I have
added my own comments/responses to yours inline.

File Documentation/notation/repeats.itely (right):
Documentation/notation/repeats.itely:150: @rprogram{An extra staff
appears}.  Do not place bar checks outside
On 2010/12/11 00:36:29, Carl wrote:
I think this is awkward.

I think it would be better to do the following:

1) Put barchecks inside the alternatives in the example.

I know that we were trying to avoid bar checks on single measures - this
was/is CG policy and bar checks are not mandatory anyway (helpful but
not a requirement) so add nothing to an example other than this one
case. If I put them here, then I have to put them throughout the other
examples. I take the point that you might think it better to show an
example which I could for instance with an @example but I'd like some
opinion on that because we could then start setting precedence on
showing what NOT to do if you see what I mean?

2) Show an example of the general case, which is that the first two
expressions following alternative, rather than the first two braced
following alternative, are taken as the alternatives.  For example, it
might be
something like

  {c4 c c c |}
  \markup "This is an expression"
  {d4 d d d |}

which will have the same effect as the bad bar check.  In other words,
it's not
a bar check specific problem.
Documentation/notation/repeats.itely:151: of and in between the braces
of the grouped notes when using
On 2010/12/10 23:56:08, Valentin Villenave wrote:
This sentence is too long and not very clear. Perhaps some additional
punctuation might help?

-> "When using @address@hidden endings, do not place bar
checks outside
of, or in-between, the braces of the grouped notes: otherwise you will
not get
the expected number of endings."

Besides, instead of "the braces of the grouped notes" I'd say "the
delimited by braces" or something like that.

Valentin, I have tried to be consistent with the other descriptions
above for the different cases of \alternative repeats. We don't use
'blocks delimited..' there they are called 'grouped notes' and the word
'braces' is used. Blocks is too vague and could for instance refer to
the whole 'block' of the \alternative {..{...} {...} } construct rather
than the groups of notes within the \alternative { .. }

Doc: Various to LM and NR from user email threads

Staff.itely (NR)
@knownissues that PianoStaff does not accept ChordNames

Spacing.itely (NR)
@warning that odd page numbers are always on the RH page and that you
have a blank second page if you want music to start on page '1' is you
a cover page

fundamental.itely (LM)
@warning that is you remove the Notes_head_engraver that the stem and
engravers have nothing to attach to so nothing is produced

editorial.itely (NR)
@knownissue that using \teeny \tiny \small etc instead of explicit
will produce inconsistent line spacing comparitively

repeats.itely (NR)
@warning not to use bar checks outside of braces in grouped notes within
an \alternative contruct else the number of repeats printed will be

Please review this at

Affected files:
  M Documentation/learning/fundamental.itely
  M Documentation/notation/editorial.itely
  M Documentation/notation/repeats.itely
  M Documentation/notation/spacing.itely
  M Documentation/notation/staff.itely

Index: Documentation/learning/fundamental.itely
diff --git a/Documentation/learning/fundamental.itely b/Documentation/learning/fundamental.itely index b80e6372b3b9eeb9cedbd59f9c19fce99241923d..f8df3f49b736b267a5c68082f91abb76c11415a2 100644
--- a/Documentation/learning/fundamental.itely
+++ b/Documentation/learning/fundamental.itely
@@ -2110,6 +2110,10 @@ same way.
 Notation Reference: @ruser{Modifying context plug-ins},
 @ruser{Changing context default settings}.

address@hidden @code{Stem_engraver} and @code{Beam_engraver} attach their
+objects to note heads, if you remove the @code{Note_heads_engraver}
+no note heads are produced and so no Stem or Beams are created either.}

 @node Extending the templates
 @section Extending the templates
Index: Documentation/notation/editorial.itely
diff --git a/Documentation/notation/editorial.itely b/Documentation/notation/editorial.itely index c83383359c698b30c5fdbc64a49967a88208340e..8647c36deba92d083bdeb6646ba48cb6d46c0bd3 100644
--- a/Documentation/notation/editorial.itely
+++ b/Documentation/notation/editorial.itely
@@ -138,6 +138,12 @@ Snippets:
 Internals Reference:

+Using the font sizing commands @code{\teeny}, @code{\tiny},
address@hidden, @code{\normalsize}, @code{\large}, and
address@hidden will lead to inconsistent line spacing when compared with
+using the @code{fontSize} property.

 @node Fingering instructions
 @unnumberedsubsubsec Fingering instructions
Index: Documentation/notation/repeats.itely
diff --git a/Documentation/notation/repeats.itely b/Documentation/notation/repeats.itely index efae065ebf50dc6891eddb28f1492258357978c8..65294caab2fbf54329441f63bd0490f48108a5a1 100644
--- a/Documentation/notation/repeats.itely
+++ b/Documentation/notation/repeats.itely
@@ -147,7 +147,11 @@ c1
 @warning{If you include @address@hidden inside a
 @address@hidden without explicitly instantiating the
 @code{Voice} context, extra (unwanted) staves will appear.  See
address@hidden extra staff appears}.}
address@hidden extra staff appears}.  Do not place bar checks outside
+of and in between the braces of the grouped notes when using
address@hidden@bs{}alternative} endings otherwise you will not get the expected
+number of endings.  If you must use bar checks then put
+them after the notes but inside the braces of each group.}

 @cindex repeat with upbeat
 @cindex upbeat in a repeat
Index: Documentation/notation/spacing.itely
diff --git a/Documentation/notation/spacing.itely b/Documentation/notation/spacing.itely index 89810f6dad17b130f1566f91d5aa28a88b2169f1..04c49dfc47d73e273b7a80aa5c39ec898cf9de4d 100644
--- a/Documentation/notation/spacing.itely
+++ b/Documentation/notation/spacing.itely
@@ -925,6 +925,10 @@ If set to false, page numbers are not printed.
 Installed Files:

address@hidden page numbers are always on the right.  If you want the
+music to start on page 1 there must be a blank page on the back
+of the cover page so that page 1 is on the right hand side.}

 @node Miscellaneous \paper variables
 @unnumberedsubsubsec Miscellaneous @code{\paper} variables
Index: Documentation/notation/staff.itely
diff --git a/Documentation/notation/staff.itely b/Documentation/notation/staff.itely index c964305f2339c334562ced8222a5e9a42b7868f3..01861c2a1470f5be0709edb9749b0077ace8377d 100644
--- a/Documentation/notation/staff.itely
+++ b/Documentation/notation/staff.itely
@@ -274,6 +274,9 @@ Internals Reference:

address@hidden does not, by default, accept @code{ChordNames}.

 @node Nested staff groups
 @unnumberedsubsubsec Nested staff groups

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