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Re: harmonics and slides (issue3590041)

From: Patrick Schmidt
Subject: Re: harmonics and slides (issue3590041)
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2010 17:54:24 +0100

Am 11.12.2010 um 17:34 schrieb address@hidden:

Looks pretty good to me.  Looks *excellent* for a first patch.


Carl fretted-strings.itely
File Documentation/notation/fretted-strings.itely (right): fretted-strings.itely#newcode408 Documentation/notation/fretted-strings.itely:408: dividing a string into
equal lengths.
ratio of string lengths above and below the harmonic fingering fretted-strings.itely#newcode427 Documentation/notation/fretted-strings.itely:427: Slides can be typeset
by attaching @code{\glissando} to a note:
Generally we don't like to indicate the syntax used to achieve an effect
in the body of the documentation, because it won't be automatically
updated in the event the syntax changes.

I'd recommend that this sentence be changed to:

Slides can by typeset in both @code{Staff} and @code{TabStaff} contexts: fretted-strings.itely#newcode491
Documentation/notation/fretted-strings.itely:491: @noindent
Do we want to have\hideNotes apply to TabVoice? If so, we could change
the definition of \hideNotes.  That would probably be better than a
known issue.
IMHO I think we want to have \hideNotes apply to TabVoice. I tried to achieve glissandi with an indefinite beginning/ending (but in vain):

slides = {
  c'8\3\glissando( d'8\3)
  c'8\3\glissando d'8\3
  \grace { \stemDown a16\3\glissando }
  \afterGrace d'4\3\glissando {
  \stemDown  \hideNotes
  g16\3 }

\score {
        \new Staff { \clef "treble_8" \slides }
        \new TabStaff {
          \new TabVoice {
                \slides }}

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