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Re: Add /chordGlissando to music functions (issue3530042)

From: Carl . D . Sorensen
Subject: Re: Add /chordGlissando to music functions (issue3530042)
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2010 19:04:20 +0000

On 2010/12/11 18:52:28, Valentin Villenave wrote:
I really like it.

[snip ..]

That being said, if we're to start accepting such tricks in the
distribution, then I can think of several great snippets that would
also make
good candidates for inclusion :-)

Maybe we could create a directory called hacks/, where items that we
don't really want in the main code base but are of use to users could be
stored.  We could then add snippets demonstrating those hacks to the
documentation, and they'd be accessed by something like

\include "hacks/"

If we started doing this, though, how would we distinguish between hacks
that go only in the LSR and those that go in the hacks/ directory?

So perhaps this idea is a non-starter.



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