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Re: sorry about the missing regtests

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: sorry about the missing regtests
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 06:38:56 -0700

On 12/15/10 12:28 AM, "Marc Hohl" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Am 15.12.2010 00:18, schrieb Carl Sorensen:
>> On 12/14/10 4:15 PM, "Graham Percival"<address@hidden>  wrote:
>>> I only just realized that I should have done
>>>    git add input/regression/*.ly
>>> after apply Neil's patches with patch -p1<  foo.diff
>>> Sorry about that.
>> Well, I don't think that either of Neil's patches included regtests.  I had
>> regtests in my patches, but mine were (correctly) dropped.  So I just added
>> my regtests.
> I have just seen that the is a spurious tie in
> input/regression/
> after the whole note:
> music =  \relative c' {
>    s2. <d\4\harmonic>4 ~ |
> <d\4\harmonic>1 ~ |  % by default, tied harmonic is parenthesized
> }
> Is there some stuff missing (i.e. another note/a forced break) or is the
> tilde
> just wrong? The meaning of the comment behind this line is not clear to
> me, either.

The tilde is wrong, as is the comment.  The test was originally more
extensive, and the need for the rest of the test was elimminated once we
eliminated HarmonicParenthesisItem and made it part of the TabNoteHead.

I just forgot to eliminate those remnants when I eliminated the rest of the

It's now fixed in git.



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