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Re: issue classification: priority guidelines

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: issue classification: priority guidelines
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 16:17:46 +0000

2010/12/15 Janek Warchoł <address@hidden>:
> Ok, this means i have to fix some (lots of?) stuff myself (you got me
> hooked perhaps, however i don't know how all this will turn out)...


> The following is for anyone interested in helping me in this task.
> I have some basic knowledge about C and a little experience in
> programming (a dozen small programs - usually less than 100 lines of
> code each).
> I have read some parts of Contributor's Guide and installed Lilybuntu
> (good idea! but i struggle with unbelieveably low VirtualBox
> resolution - 800x600, it annoys me extremely on my big monitor. Maybe
> i'll find an answer on the web).

Answer is in the CG in version 2.13.43.  Look at the lilybuntu page right now.

> Unfortunately, none of the above told me what's actually happening
> when lilypond is run, so when i tried to look at the code, for example
>, i barely understood anything :\
> So if you know of any source of knowledge that may be useful for me,
> i'd appreciate it.

1.  Everything that we have documented is in the CG.
2.  Asking people about information that we haven't documented, unless
you've made an obvious effort to understand it yourself first, is not
going to win you friends.
3.  Don't start with the hardest / highest-priority issues.  Pick
something tagged with "frogs" to get started on.

You might actually want to wait a week or so, while we do a massive
shake-down of the lilybuntu and compiling instructions.

- Graham

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