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next few weeks of development

From: Graham Percival
Subject: next few weeks of development
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 17:24:18 +0000
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We have one Critical issue remanining:
I'm estimating a 4-line patch to one file.

Once such a patch has been pushed, I'm branching off stable/2.14,
releasing the first release candidate, and starting the two-week
timer.  During that period, the ONLY changes to stable/2.14 are in
the translations.

You might feel an urge to rush to push stuff onto master right now
to "get it in before 2.14.0".  Don't.  There will be plenty of
other releases.  We have way too much new stuff in 2.14.0 as it
is.  The world will not end if your fantastic fix is "only"
introduced in 2.14.1.

Despite the excitement about 2.14, I'm going to be working on
lilybuntu and the early CG chapters since we've had a surge of new
contributors.  I won't be working on a patch for 1290, but rest
assured that I'll do the branching and release versions when
I'm also invoking my "doc meister" privilege to push doc changes
without review, so that we can have a quick turnaround between one
person trying the instructions, me updating the instructions, and
the next person trying them.  This is not our usual way of
working, but I think it's worth this special override of our
normal policy.
If I break git master, then by all means revert any of my patches
without hesitation.

- Graham

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